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By Cois Life, An tAthair Peadar Ua Laoghaire, Caoilfhionn Nic Pháidín

Reference: 9781907494642  

Séanna was a cobbler who lived out in the countryside. He made a deal with the devil. But not all the money in the world could buy him peace of mind. Thirteen years have passed since he made his desperate deal and the devil comes back to collect his payment and to bring Séanna with him. But Séanna has one trick up his sleeve that even the devil himself doesn't expect. 

This is a classic of the canon of Irish-language literature, it is an adaptation of sorts of the internationally known story Faust, told in Irish and in the natural Irish vernacular and clear concise prose of Father Peadar Ua Laoghaire. It is an important work of the Irish revival that laid the foundation of the use of vernacular Irish in contemporary literature. The original 'Séadna' has been a constant companion for generations of Irish-language students and it is a paragon of style and concise turns of phrase that cannot be excelled. 

Generations of readers have gravitated to the story of Séanna which has been published many times in different shapes and forms. This newly illustrated edition is suitable for adult readers and for young people who have a good vocabulary in Irish and who enjoy reading. Students and people who are improving their Irish will really enjoy this book. 

Price: €12.00