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Dora Big Sister

By Nickelodeon

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Four episodes of Dora – with language selection for Irish, English, Dutch and French

Dora Big Sister: Dora needs to hurry home! Her Mami is having a baby! Is it a boy or a girl? Help Big Sister Dora and Boots find the quickest way home so they can discover the surprise

Dora Saves the Game: Dora needs to run to the soccer stadium!  Her cousin Daisy needs one more player for her team and only Dora can save the day. Help Dora run, jump, kick and save the big game!

Job Day: What do you want to do when you grow up?  Explore jobs with Dora.

A Letter for Swiper: It's up to Dora, Boots, and you to deliver letters to everyone – even Swiper the Fox!

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