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Póg Mar Seo
Póg Mar Seo By Mary Murphy, Walker Eireann

Another in Walker Ireland's series of Irish translations of English picturebooks. Originally published as 'A Kiss Like This' by Mary Murphy. The Irish translation was provided by the author and poet Gabriel Rosenstock. A giraffe kiss is very tall — just turn the page and see!...

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Buntús foclóra
Buntús foclóra

Buntús foclóra is full of valuable learning opportunities for children of widely varying ages and backgrounds. Similartitles .For the young Irish-speaker, it is a joyous opportunity to look and discuss. For the young English-speaker, it is a pleasant opportunity to acquire a basic Irish...

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Dinosaur Train: World Tour
Dinosaur Train: World Tour By TG4

DINOSAUR TRAIN embraces and celebrates the fascination that preschoolers have with both dinosaurs and trains while sparking an interest in Life Science, Natural History and Paleontology. Featuring seven episodes! Language Choice: Irish (Gaelic) and English are both on the...

Price: €15.00