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Cré na Cille DVD

By Rosg

Cré na Cille the movie.

This DVD has been mastered for all regions; North America, Europe and everywhere else!

Available Subtitles:
English, Gaeilge (Gaelic), Castellano, Français, Deutsch, Chinese

Unflinchingly honest and fiercely eloquent; Cré na Cille is a dark comedy on the obsessive hatred between two sisters.

The story is a constant, gossiping babble of buried bodies. The main character is Caitríona, dead, and eagerly awaiting the death of her sister Nell so the pair may continue their long-running vendetta.

This film is an adaptation of the celebrated novel by Máirtín Ó Cadhain, considered to be the major contemporary Irish-language novel.

Price: €21.98