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Hades (Closleabhar)
Hades (Closleabhar) By James Joyce

The diversity of characters and the paradoxical liveliness of the funeral scenes make the Hades chapter perhaps the most entertaining in this series. The primary concern of this cassette is to provide the means of making Ulysses readily accessible to those uninitiated students who are experiencing...

Níl an táirge seo foilsithe fós.

Calypso (Closleabhar)
Calypso (Closleabhar) By James Joyce

This recording has a threefold purpose. Firstly, it is intended to enable the inexperienced reader of Ulysses to grasp fully the text of the novel. Secondly the recording demonstrates the connection between Bloom’s thought process and music. Finally, it is hoped that the tape has, quite apart from...

Níl an táirge seo foilsithe fós.