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Cré na Cille (clúdach bog)

By Máirtín Ó Cadhain, Cló Iar-Chonnacht

Tagairt: 9781784442255  

This is the original Cré na Cille in Irish. 

A new edition of the original text of Máirtín Ó Cadhain's classic novel Cré na Cille featuring new illustraitons by the Inis Mór artist Seán Ó Flaithearta. 

The story unfolds almost entirely in dialogue as the newly dead arrive in the graveyard, bringing news of recent local happenings to those already confined in their coffins. Avalanches of gossip, back-biting, flirting, feuds, and scandal-mongering ensue, while the absurdity of human nature becomes ever clearer.


A perfect synthesis of style and subject.

– The Guardian


Among the best books to come out of Ireland in the 20th century.

– The Independent


The Irish novel that’s so good people were scared to translate it.

– The New Yorker

Éist le sliocht á léamh amach os ard.

Praghas: €20.00


First Flush, Books Ireland, Márta / Aibreán 2017

Ó Cadhain has been described as the Joyce of the Irish language and this book is his classic. After recent translations, this irreverent satire is republished in its original language.

Cathal Póirtéir, Leabhair idir Lámha, Books Ireland, Samhain / Nollaig 2017

'Cré na Cille' is widely recognised as a milestone in twentieth-century literature in Irish, and recent translations into English (by Alan Titley as 'The Dirty Dust', and by Liam Mac Con Iomaire and Tim Robinson as 'Graveyard Clay' which was reviewed in Books Ireland, July / August 2016) may have whetted the appetite of some readers enough to engage with the original text. It was first published in book form in 1949 and has long been regarded as a linguistically and stylistically challenging read. The book deals with the petty jealousies and spites carried beyond death by the deceased members of a tightly knit Connemara community as they lie in their graves in the cemetery.

This edition carries a foreword by Dónall Ó Braonáin, highlighting some of the work's literary qualities and placing it in its historical and linguistic context. There is new artwork by Aran artist Seán Ó Flaithearta on the cover, and other illustrations by him to mark divisions within the narrative. All in all, it is a handsome volume, with a legible typeface and an attached ribbon to mark the pages for readers who wish to refer to a dictionary or to check out the original against the recent English translations.