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The Connemara Five

By Micheál Ó Conghaile

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The Connemara Five introduces us to 5 characters who are prisoners of their own lives. Danny is a closet transvestite living with his bitter and aggressive brother Darach and their ageing and demented father Coleman. Cynthia is engaged to Danny but she doesn't and cannot understand him, and the fifth character, Maggie, lives alone because of the choices she made many decades ago. All of their lives are shaped by tragedy and by the narrowness of their society.

'The writing is superb throughout, and the dialogue pulsates with nerve and energy. Ó Conghaile explores guilt, loss, the destructiveness of dysfunctional relationships and the eternally elusive nature of truth. A thought-provoking and stylistic play by a writer at the height of his powers.'

The Irish Times

Praghas: €15.00