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Lá Náisiúnta Filíochta 2021 – poetry postcards

Lá Náisiúnta Filíochta 2021 – poetry postcards Tuesday, 27th April, 2021

National Poetry Day Ireland 2021 – Lá Náisiúnta Filíochta 


Language planning officers in Gaeltacht regions across Ireland have collaborated on an exciting project in celebration of National Poetry Day Ireland, 2021. The name of the project is 'Turas Gaeltachta' (Gaeltacht Tour) and will be launched on Thursday, 29 April 2021. Postcards featuring verses by local Gaeltacht poets will be distributed free of charge in local shops, schools and post offices in 12 different Gaeltacht areas. They are inviting the community to pick up one of the cards and to send them to people in other Gaeltacht areas around the country or anywhere in Ireland or abroad in celebration of local poets and poetry. 

Speaking about the project, Majella Ní Chríocháin, Language Planning Officer with Pobal Rua in An Cheathrú Rua, Co. Galway, said, "We want to celebrate Gaeltacht poets and the richness of Gaeltacht culture this year on National Poetry Day. The arts are a central facet of life in the Gaeltacht, it isn't separate from daily life but is embedded in all aspects of people's lives from dancing, singing, reciting poetry and we were spoiled for choice when putting this campaign together." 

"This year's theme for National Poetry Day is 'New directions: maps and journeys' and that is why we chose 'Turas Gaeltachta' as the title for this initiative. We decided to design post cards with verses from Gaeltacht poets so that they could be shared between communities both in Gaeltacht areas and nationally and internationally." 

The group will be running competitions to give away a number of sets of the full set of postcards. Details of the competitions will be on local radio and on social media Twitter and Facebook accounts of the local language planning officers.

Click on the Irish-language edition of this post to see the list of poets whose work features in this collection. 

Clocha Reatha
Clocha Reatha

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Ciarán Ó Fátharta - Amhráin

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