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The writer Colm Ó Ceallaigh has passed away.

The writer Colm Ó Ceallaigh has passed away. Friday, 05th May, 2017

Colm Ó Ceallaigh (1928 - 2017) wrote short stories, novels, plays, children's literature, biography and was a historian. Originally from Camus in Co. Galway, he worked as a  teacher for many years in Lettermullen. He retired from teaching in 1985 and wrote several books thereafter. His books include Clann na Feannóige, Sclábhaíocht, Deoir Ghoirt an Deoraí, Meilt Mhuilte Dé and Brídín. Two of his lectures were published in the newspaper Lá, 'Gorta Mór' and 'Na Péin Dlithe'. His work was also published in the magazine Feasta.

Ó Ceallaigh wrote in a lively and immediate style. Immigration was a common theme throughout his work and his book Brídín deals with the story of a young girl who survived the journey across the Atlantic ocean on a famine ship. All of the other 365 passengers on board perished. This book was nominated for an Irish Times Award. Colm was given The Irish Life Pensioner of the Year Award in 1994. 

'Stíl bhreá chraicneach tríd síos á chleachtadh ag an údar agus cumas scéalaíochta aige... saothar scóipiúil seolta saibhir é seo, an t-aicsean, an greann, an grá agus an briseadh croí fite fuaite." - Review of the book ‘Brídín'


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