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Ag Scéalaíocht (Closleabhar)

Ag Scéalaíocht (Closleabhar)

Four stories by the king of the great storytellers of An Lochán Beag in County Galway, of ‘the indomitable Irishry’ who, forbidden to read or write their own language, kept it alive in their minds and on their lips in all the grace of its literary form through generations of…

Rogha Rosenstock (Closleabhar)

Rogha Rosenstock (Closleabhar)

Rogha Rosenstock is a sprawling collection of intimate and tortuous vignettes carefully selected by the poet himself . . . he strives to put eyes and tongue into every dumb and inanimate object . . . - The Irish TimesThese poems display the vision of the ‘see-r’, in tune…


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Rocky Ros Muc: Seán Ó Mainnín (Ríomhleabhar)
Rocky Ros Muc: Seán Ó Mainnín (eBook)

eBook - this is a digital download. You will receive an e-mail containing a download link when you purchase this product. Click on the link in the e-mail to download the product to your device. ...

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Caillte i gConamara/Lost in Connemara
Lost in Connemara/Caillte i gConamara

SPECIAL OFFER: 20% OFF ORIGINAL PRICE IN MARCH 2020Five Connemara short stories by five men from Connemara. But this is not the Connemara of the John Hinde postcards, of lofty mountains, sandy...

Price: €12.00 Now: €9.60 Buy Now ›
Lámh Láidir (Ríomhleabhar)
Lámh Láidir (eBook)

This novel has a dramatic plot that spans 3 generations. It tells a story that is sometimes tragic, sometimes funny, and features love, friendship, betrayal and murder. As well as being entertaining,...

Price: €15.01 Now: €7.50 Buy Now ›

SPECIAL OFFER: 20% OFF IN MARCH 2020Séanna was a cobbler who lived out in the countryside. He made a deal with the devil. But not all the money in the world could buy him peace of mind. Thirteen...

Price: €12.00 Now: €8.00 Buy Now ›
Ólann Mo Mhiúil as an nGainséis (Ríomhleabhar)
Ólann Mo Mhiúil as an nGainséis (eBook)

This travel book follows the author and his wife on their travels through Dubai, India, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Chile and the US, charting both a physical and spiritual journey. Rosenstock...

Price: €12.30 Now: €6.15 Buy Now ›
An tOllamh Folamh
An tOllamh Folamh

SPECIAL OFFER: 20% DISCOUNT IN MARCH 2020 The Empty Professor likes when things are empty. He believes that life is too full - full of everything. Full to the brim! Is the Professor correct?...

Price: €10.00 Now: €8.00 Buy Now ›