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Agus Rud Eile De / And Another Thing

By Louis de Paor, Cló Iar-Chonnacht

Reference: 9781905560547  

Bilingual collection by Louis de Paor, paperback with CD, translations by Kevin Anderson, Biddy Jenkinson and Mary O'Donoghue, with the author: art by Kathleen Furey, music by Ronan Browne.

This collection features a book and CD. It is a collaboration between three different artists working in three different mediums. Kathleen Furey's images of loss and separation and Ronan Browne's musical settings provide a counterpoint to Louis de Paor's poems which struggle constantly towards light and redemption.

The man who speaks to us in the poems is on the brink of middle age. Behind him stand those who have gone before, ushering him on his way and shortening the road ahead. When he looks at those who are still young and innocent he finds it strange that they do not see the shadows that gather around them. Yet, the hope that creeps through the cracks in his heart cannot be stifled.

Powerful music by master-piper Ronan Browne provides further adornment of this collection. Composed in concert with the poetry the music is rough, violent, vulnerable, sensitive, shy, and angry all at once; just like the poems.

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Price: €14.00