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Caitlín agus Cormac: An Chóisir

By Silvia Ortega, JC Girbés, Leabhar Breac

Reference: 9780898332643  

A board book in the series 'Ag léamh le Caitlín agus Cormac' illutrated by Silvia Ortega: Cormac is two years old today. There is a big party for him in the house. Together we're counting the presents and learning about numbers.

This book reinforces concepts of numbers and counting. At a birthday party we read the numbers and count the objects.

Other books in the Series:

Tabhair Leat do Leabhar (Take Your Book With You)
Lá Mór Fada (Big Long Day)
An Phicnic (The Picnic)

Also available as a full box set


Price: €6.00