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An Mumaí

By Enric Lluch, Leabhar Breac

Reference: 9781909907485  

The heat is turned off in the museum and the Mummy and its friends are afraid that they'll be cold. With help from the lion the Mummy decides to go back to Egypt. But it's a long, long trip! 

This book is suitable for readers between 8 and 10 years of age. There are six books in the series which is published by Leabhar Breac. 

This is a clever and funny book with brilliant illustrations. Not your average Mummy story. Young readers will really enjoy this book. 

Other books in the series: 

1. An Chailleach

2. An Vaimpír

3. Fear an Mhála

4. An Zombaí 

5. An Mumaí 

6. An Cnámharlach 

Price: €7.50