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Gan Baisteadh
Gan Baisteadh By Sáirséal agus Dill

Tomás Bairéad (1893-1973) was a professional journalist from the Moycullen area of County Galway and an accomplished short-story writer. These unconnected essays are still very readable today. In one of his stories Bairéad, who worked for the Irish Independent gives us a memorable insight into...

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Slán le hUltaibh
Slán le hUltaibh By Sáirséal agus Dill

Ernest Blythe (1889-1975) a controversial politician, wrote three volumes of reminiscences covering his life up to the year 1919. Trasna na Bóinne (1957), Slán le hUltaibh (1970) and Gaeil á Muscailt (1973). To read them is to walk through the unfolding pages of the...

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Gaeil á Múscailt
Gaeil á Múscailt By Sáirséal agus Dill

Ernest Blythe's story is the story of the birth of a nation. All political careers end in failure, it is said, and Blythe is not remembered too kindly today. However, his beginnings were rich in episode, in Brixton Prison alone and frustrated, later on hunger and thirst strike in Cork and later...

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