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An Gúm

Biongó Éadaí
Biongó Éadaí By An Gúm

This is a great bingo-style game for children that the whole family can enjoy. Suitable for up to 36 players, this is a brilliant resource which is often used in a classroom setting to help students build both their vocabulary skills and spelling skills in Irish. The theme is clothing and the game...

Price: €16.23

Babaí Beag Focail
Babaí Beag Focail By An Gúm

Babaí Beag is a series of board books for young children in Irish, published by An Gúm. Babaí Beag Focail includes simple words in Irish for toddlers and babies. This is a high-quality book with strong card and is suitable for children aged from babies to 4 years old. 

Price: €5.00 | Reference: 9781857919172  

Is Mise Manchán Maximus
Is Mise Manchán Maximus By An Gúm

Dorkius Maximus is a young boy growing up in ancient Rome. This hilarious diary recounts his exploits as, desperate to become a great Roman hero, Dorkius enlists the help of his father's friend, Stoutus, to teach him the noble art of fighting. But heroism doesn't come naturally to Dorkius. Plus, his...

Price: €7.00 | Reference: 9781857919509  

Na Laochra is Lú
Na Laochra is Lú

Iascairí i mbaol, an Taibhse Dána ar ais i mbun díobhála. Cé a thicofaidh i gcabhair orthu? Leagann Rí na Síog trí thasc scáfara ar Ruán agus Éadaoin. Má theipeann orthu in aon cheann acu beidh an tír uile faoi smacht an Taibhse arís. Téánn siad i mbun oibre láithreach agus le...

Price: €6.50 | Reference: 9781857910988