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An Gúm

Babaí Beag Focail
Babaí Beag Focail By An Gúm

Babaí Beag is a series of board books for young children in Irish, published by An Gúm. Babaí Beag Focail includes simple words in Irish for toddlers and babies. This is a high-quality book with strong card and is suitable for children aged from babies to 4 years old. 

Price: €5.00 | Reference: 9781857919172  

An Leon, An Bandraoi agus An Prios Éadaigh
An Leon, An Bandraoi agus An Prios Éadaigh (The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe) By C.S. Lewis, Antain Mac Lochlainn, An Gúm

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a novel for children written by C.S.Lewis, the first of the seven novels published in The Chronicles of Narnia Series (1950–1956). In 1940, four siblings are among many children evacuated from London during World War II to escape the Blitz and are sent to...

Price: €8.50 | Reference: 9781857918885