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Age Group 0 - 4

Bran agus an Cháisc
Bran agus an Cháisc By Eric Hill, An Gúm

Young children will enjoy helping Bran find the Easter eggs that the Easter Bunny has hidden. The boardbook is great for children aged between 2 and 4 years old. Enjoy turning the pages and lifting the flaps and helping Bran to find the eggs that the Easter Bunny has stashed away in the house and...

Price: €6.95 | Reference: 9781857914313  

Marcella ar Saoire Ghrá
Marcella ar Saoire Ghrá By An Gúm

Written and illustrated by Brighid 'Biddy' McLaughlin. Published by An Gúm. Marcella, an angel with itchy wings, seeks a little adventure. With the help of her friend, Íosa, she decamps to Spain where she befriends a little boy with whom she embarks on a series of wonderful adventures. This...

Price: €3.00 | Reference: 9781857917277  

Scúnc agus Smúirín
Scúnc agus Smúirín By Futa Fata

Little Scúnc (Skunk) is inseparable from his soft toy friend, Smúirín (Sniffy). They go everywhere together.One of the things Scúnc most likes about Smúirín is his unmistakeable smell. Anytime Scúnc feels sad or anxious,a sniff of Smúirín makes everything ok again. Until the day that...

Price: €10.95 | Reference: 9781910945476