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Age Group 10 - 13

Tromluí By Áine Ní Ghlinn, Cois Life

Who is he? A dangerous murderer who killed his best friend? A drug addict? Or, if the newspapers reports can be believed - maybe. both?These are just some of the questions that must be answered by Eoghan Ó Broin who awakens in a mountain shack to find his memory wiped clean. With only strange...

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Coranna By Pádraig Standún, Cló Iar-Chonnacht

Amy and Jack are brother and sister and they love to visit their great-grandmother Mammy Nan. She's a great storyteller full of stories about times gone by and she always gives them ice-cream. Their favourite story is about Coranna, the racehourse that won the Chester Cup in 1846 and how the...

Price: €6.00 | Reference: 9781909367739  

Ailfí agus an Vaimpír
Alfie and the Vampire By Orna Ní Choileáin, Cois Life

Could you have a vampire living at the bottom of your garden?Marius is an unusual vampire who lives in Alfie's garden. He much prefers fig rolls and cake to nasty blood and flesh (a vampire's usual diet).With dangers at every turn - ultraviolet lamps and garlic necklaces included - for the poor...

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Seachain: Ná hEitil chuig an nGealach ar an Apollo 13
Seachain: Ná hEitil chuig an nGealach ar an Apollo 13 (Avoid Being On Apollo 13!) By Máirín Ní Mhárta, Futa Fata

Avoid being on the Apollo 13! It's amazing - or is it? Top tips from experts:If you need to sneeze, do it before your helmet is fitted. Make sure you are tightly strappedi into your seat before take-off Don't panic! Keep calm or you might make things worse. Don't move around too much - you'll use...

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Seachain: Ná Glac Páirt i gCluichí Oilimpeacha na Sean-Ghréige
Seachain: Ná Glac Páirt i gCluichí Oilimpeacha na Sean-Ghréige (Don't Take Part in the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece) By Futa Fata, Éilís Uí Mhuirneán

You have the opportunity to travel back in time to the first Olympic Games in ancient Greece. You will have a fantastic time! Or will you?You will have to run a race without any clothes on! (Just boys, girls are not allowed to take part). If you win a race there's a chance that it will cause a...

Price: €7.95 | Reference: 9781906907471