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Age Group 4 - 7

Caoilte Caillte sa Mhúsaem
Caoilte Cailte sa Mhúsaem By Éabhlóid

Caoilte is always curious and sometimes gets himself in trouble for the things he does. When his class goes on a school trip to the Natural History Museum, Caoilte’s curiosity gets the better of him again, and he lands himself in trouble. He meets some strange creatures who frighten him at first,...

Price: €12.00 | Reference: 9781916047044  

Geansaí Otto
Geansaí Otto By Futa Fata

Otto is a stylish fellow and likes cool clothes. But his Nana must not know anything about fashion, Otto decides, because she keeps knitting jumpers for him and he does not like them at all. When Otto receives yet another itchy jumper from Nana in the post he decides that he has to take matters into...

Price: €11.00 | Reference: 9781910945599  

Marcella ar Saoire Ghrá
Marcella ar Saoire Ghrá By An Gúm

Written and illustrated by Brighid 'Biddy' McLaughlin. Published by An Gúm.  Marcella, an angel with itchy wings, seeks a little adventure. With the help of her friend, Íosa, she decamps to Spain where she befriends a little boy with whom she embarks on a series of wonderful adventures. This...

Price: €3.00 | Reference: 9781857917277