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Fiction for Adult Learners

Daideo By Áine Ní Ghlinn, Cois Life

A boy on the run from his parents. An old man on the run from his children. They meet on the train to Dublin and listen to each other’s stories. They understand each other. What will be the result of this new friendship? This book won a 2013 Oireachtas prize.

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Sorcha sa Ghailearaí
Sorcha sa Ghailearaí By Catherine Foley, Comhar

Hans, the Dutch detective from Interpol, comes to Dublin to solve the mystery of the missing painting. When he meets Sorcha he's taken with her charms. Could she be in league with the thieves? He won't believe it. But will Sorcha trust Hans? This book won an award in the Oireachtas Literary...

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Teifeach By Comhar, Pól Ó Muirí

Readers of 'Paloma' and 'dlithe an Nádúir' are familiar with Marika, a young woman from Bosnia who lived with her daughter in a small town in rural Ireland. Why did Marika have to flee her native land? What happened to her when she got to Ireland? This book answers these questions and there is an...

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Taibhsí an Locha
Taibhsí an Locha By Antain Mac Lochlainn, Cló Iar-Chonnacht

After barely surving an horrific car accident, millionaire business John Grayling decides to take things easy and retire to his recently acquired country house. However, he soon begins to hear strange noises and to see stranger things, at night and during the day. Who is the mysterious "Grey Lady"...

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Aran Song
Aran Song By John Canter, Cló Iar-Chonnacht

Canter has the eye of a photographer, geologist, botanist and archaeologist, and this journal – like exploration of life, death and civilisation is likely to provide compulsive reading not only for visitors to Aran, but also for readers worldwide who ponder the eternal mystery of the workings of...

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