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Ceann Fhaoladh
Ceann Fhaoladh By Coiscéim

Ceann Fhaoladh was a soldier and scholar who lived in the seventh century. He was well-known as a professor and as a king in Co. Donegal, where he had a fort, between Gort an Choirce and Falcarragh. He started Irish-language literature when he wrote the first ever book in the Irish language....

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Tinte na Farraige Duibhe
Tinte na Farraige Duibhe By Tim Armstrong

Tinte na Farraige Duibhe (Air Cuan Dubh Drilseach) is a science fiction novel written in Scottish Gaelic by Tim Armstrong and published by CLÀR in 2013. It is the first hard science-fiction novel in Gaelic written for adults.This book won the Saltire Society First Book of the Year Award in 2013....

Price: €15.00 | Reference: 978-1-913814-03-8  

An Litir
An Litir By Leabhar Breac, Liam Mac Cóil

SHORTLISTED FOR 2012 'BOOK OF THE YEAR': Galway, Spring 1612. The Atlantic port of Galway has become a hotbed of conspiracy and intrigue against English rule in Ireland. In this thrilling 17th century swashbuckler, Lucás, a young student and a gifted swordsman, is entrusted by a shady Jesuit priest...

Price: €15.00 | Reference: 9780898332575  

An Tearmann
An Tearmann By Alex Hijmans, Cois Life

A young language activist from Co. Clare, Eoin Ó Síocháin, travels to Brazil to learn more about a violent conflict between a native tribe and landowners. As he comes to learn more about the local people he comes to an understanding that the story is not as straightforward as it first...

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