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An Litir
An Litir By Leabhar Breac, Liam Mac Cóil

SHORTLISTED FOR 2012 'BOOK OF THE YEAR': Galway, Spring 1612. The Atlantic port of Galway has become a hotbed of conspiracy and intrigue against English rule in Ireland. In this thrilling 17th century swashbuckler, Lucás, a young student and a gifted swordsman, is entrusted by a shady Jesuit priest...

Price: €15.00 | Reference: 9780898332575  

Teifeach By Comhar, Pól Ó Muirí

Readers of 'Paloma' and 'dlithe an Nádúir' are familiar with Marika, a young woman from Bosnia who lived with her daughter in a small town in rural Ireland. Why did Marika have to flee her native land? What happened to her when she got to Ireland? This book answers these questions and there is an...

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