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Short Stories

Teachtaireacht By Colin Ryan, Cló Iar-Chonnacht

In this collection of short stories, Colin Ryan, an Irish-language writer from Australia, makes his own of the language and gives it a unique Australian twist. The stories touch on travellers, criminals, soldiers, the dead, people who have gone missing, people who are searching for others, and those...

Price: €8.00 | Reference: 9781784441227  

Idir Dhá Thír
Idir Dhá Thír

A new collection of short stories from Alex Hijmans.‘A person leaves a trail in their wake like a boat in the sea or as a comet in the sky. Sápmi left its mark on me and – however small – I left my mark on Sápmi.’In this collection, Alex Hijmans traces the tracks left by migration on...

Price: €12.00 | Reference: 9781907494659