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Leabhar Breac

Súil le Breith
Súil le Breith By Leabhar Breac, Pádraig Standún

A contreversial novel first published in 1983, and now back in print after an absence of 15 years.Tom Connor is the parish priest on a Gaeltacht island, where he is actively fighting to support a community devestated by emmigration and poverty. His housekeeper, Marion, who lives in the parochial...

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Smacht By Leabhar Breac, Colm Mac Confhaola

After losing two young sisters in a house fire, in an accident caused by drink and cigarettes, Rós and her family leave their home  to live in a new council house. In the local community school she befriends Cormac, a middleclass boy who is trying to come to terms with his own problems; and...

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