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Ceist agam Ort!
Ceist agam Ort! By Fionnuala Cloke, Cois Life

A quizbook (1,000 questions) for 12-14 year olds, with a distinctly Irish flavour. This book facilitates the use of Irish in a stimulating and enjoyable environmnent and is suitable for use at home or school, youth club or summer college.

This item is currently out of print.

Seoda faoi do Chosa
Jewels under your Feet By Tony McNally, Gaelink

This book is a companion to Dialann Dúlra (Nature Diary) by Tony McNally, which is a very popular title. This time he focuses on different parts of nature found in Ireland.Taken from the introduction to the book.Éamonn Mac Thomáis, used to say that people in cities often get lost because they...

Price: €10.00 | Reference: 9780956728326  

Dialann Dúlra
Dialann Dúlra By Tony McNally, Gaelink

This is a delightful and informative book from the pen of Tony McNally. It guides the reader, the parent, the teacher and the pupil on a voyage of discovery and meaning. Any person interested in nature and wildlife in Ireland will find it a true and congenial companion. Tony follows the seasons from...

Price: €8.00 | Reference: 9780956728302