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Cúrsa Tosaigh Foghraíochta
Cúrsa Tosaigh Foghraíochta By An Gúm

A basic guide to Irish-language pronunciation which would be useful in particular for teachers or university undergraduates. The terminology is simple and easy to understand. In the various chapters different aspects of pronunciation are discussed: vowels, consonants, emphasis, and other aspects of...

This item is currently out of print.

Leabhar Mór na hEalaíne
Leabhar Mór na hEalaíne By Anna Heussaff, Futa Fata

The story of the visual arts, from the cave painters to the cutting edge artists of the 21st century. Full of fascinating insights into the work of artists throughout the ages, explaining in detail the techniques they used. A Dorling Kindersley / Futa Fata co-edition, with very accessible Irish text...

This item is currently out of print.

Favela By Alex Hijmans, Cois Life

' . . . leabhar a mbeidh áit aige i measc na ndírbheathaisnéisí is suimiúla dar scríobhadh riamh i nGaeilge.' - Robert McMillen, Irish News. a book which is among the most interesting autobiographies that were ever written in Irish.

Price: €18.00 | Reference: 9781901176964