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By Antain Mac Lochlainn, Cois Life

Reference: 9781907494451  

This is a guide in alphabetical order to some of the most common grammar and word usage mistakes that people make when writing in Irish. Written by the author and translator Antain Mac Lochlainn, this is an invaluable guide to anyone who works in translation from English to Irish. It is very useful for people working in the media or in any field where good writing in Irish is part and parcel of the job. This is a great book for anyone who has a good grasp of Irish grammar but may need extra guidance from time to time with specific words or phrases. 

Examples include: Which is correct; 'Bean dhubh' or 'bean dubh'? Is it 'buiséad' or 'cáinaisnéis'? Each example includes the incorrect usage of the specific terms and the correct usage side by side. The book is well-laid out and easy to follow. 

Price: €15.00