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By Leabhar Breac

Reference: 9781909907683  

The story of Éadaoin is our finest Old Irish love story, a story that survived in fragments found in The Book of the Dun Cow and in The Yellow Book of Leacan. Diarmuid Johnson has combined all these various fragments and knitted them into a whole — filling the gaps and adding meat to the bones — to create a new old epic comparable to Helen of Troy or the story of Tristan and Isold.

Éadaoin is a bird-woman of the Fairy People, spending time here amongst mortals, spending time amongst the immortals in the fairy palace of Brí Léith. She was the wife of Eochaidh King of Tara, but Midhir was her true love, Midhir of the Sí, Midhir of Brí Léith, the handsome and sweet-spoken Midhir.

Price: €16.00