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Is gearr...

By New Island, Marian Keyes

Reference: 9781905494644  

Translation of a short story by Marian Keyes to Irish. This is an easy read in Irish for learners especially, but will also be enjoyed by general Irish-language readers looking for light fiction. 

Lisa is dead - but she doesn't know it yet. She finds it strange that people are not responding to her and all she wants is a little bit of understanding. She was in an accident, after all. 

On the day following her accident, while at work, she meets two other spirits. Siobhán and Séimí have been sent to her to let her know the bad news. But Lisa isn't ready to go yet. She still wants to say goodbye. 

Her visiting spirits, Siobhán and Séimí, are well-used to newbies who aren't ready to leave yet, and they help Lisa to say her goodbyes before she crosses over to the other side. 

This book is published by New Island as part of their Open Door series and was translated to Irish by Máire Nic Mheanman with Pól Ó Cainín contributing as language consultant. 

Price: €7.00