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Long na dTaibhsí

By Annette Marnat, Alain Surget, Leabhar Breac

Reference: 9780898332551  |  Alt: 9780898332551

'The Ghost Ship', the second title in the 'Jolly Roger' series, is a creepy novella chock full of adventure and larger-than-life characters. After being been thrown aboard the ghost ship The Flying Dutchman, Benjamin and Louise sit and hope for rescue from the spooky crew of skeletons.

The rescue ship, an English frigate, takes our plucky young pirate apprentices all the way to Jamaica. There they meet Red Mary, a beautiful female pirate who may know something about their father, the legendary pirate Captain Roc.

With the help of Red Mary, they set sail on the trail of Captain Roc and his legendary treasure map. Swashbuckling shenanigans abound in this rip-roaring story.

Beautifully illustrated throughout in an unique and colourful style, the thrill-packed 'Jolly Roger' series is bound to entertain and delight not just pirate fans, but anyone who likes a good adventure.

Price: €7.50