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Mise Raiftearaí

By Futa Fata, Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin

Reference: 9781906907907  

The first cradle to grave biography of Antaine Ó Raiftearaí, or Raiftearaí an File has he is widely known, 

written for a general readership. A radical voice in 19th century Ireland, the blind, 

illiterate poet and songwriter Raiftearaí left behind a body of verse that offers an invaluable insight into the life of the destitute 

Irish-speaking population of pre-famine Connacht. Raiftearaí fearlessly espoused revolt against the injustice of the landlord system.

He praised beautiful women, he mercilessly lampooned anyone who crossed him or questioned his role as the voice of his community.

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