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Naomh Pádraig agus Crom Dubh

By Gabriel Rosenstock, An Gúm

Reference: ISBN 1 85791 144 X  

A series of books based on stories of Irish folklore. Naomh Pádraig agus Crom Dubh is a picture book written by Gabriel Rosenstock and illustrated by Piet Sluis, published by An Gúm, which tells the folklore tale of Saint Patrick and Crom Dubh. 

According to legend, Saint Patrick and Crom Dubh were living near each other on the west coast of Ireland. Crom Dubh is a mythological figure and folkloric figure in Irish stories who was converted to Christianity by Saint Patrick. This retelling by Gabriel Rosenstock is about Crom Dubh's conversion. As it happened, they say that Crom Dubh was baptiased on the last Sunday of July and that is the day that people still walk the pilgrimage to the top of Crogh Patrick every year. 


Price: €6.30