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Ón Taobh Istigh

By Coiscéim

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Jake Mac Siacais, a well-known Belfast republican has penned a book about events in his life which have left "a lasting impression', including a two-year battle with depression. 

An Irish language activist and a lifetime republican Mr Mac Siacais decided to write the book after a battle with depression, which began in 2015.

After two years in counselling, a counsellor suggested he began to write things down and the result is a 700 page book on his experiences.

The father-of-five said it was later found he was suffering from post-traumatic stress.

"In 2015, the 'black dog' came visiting," he said.

"That black dog became a constant companion for two years. The prison experiences, surrounded by tragedy and death. It was a really dark place but we came through it and it obviously leaves an impression. It's a real life story," he said.

Jake Mac Siacais was born in Belfast in 1958. He is married to Christine and they have five children. This is his first book.

Price: €10.00