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St. Patrick's Story

By Alan Titley, Irish Folklore Publications, Gabrielle Bean Uí Dhomhnaill, Maureen O’Hara

Reference: 9780957399600  

This beautifully illustrated book by Gabrielle Bean Uí Dhomhnaill tells the story of St. Patrick for children. Told in English and in Irish, written by Alan Titley, the book also contains a CD on which the story is narrated in English by beloved Irish actress, Maureen O'Hara. Published by Irish Folklore Publications and illustrated by Deborah O'Keefe, a portion of the proceeds from every book sold goes to the Jack and Jill Foundation, which provides at-home nursing support for sick children. 


"Fadó, fadó, many many years ago, way back in the fifth century, a very special baby boy was born to a loving family in Roman Britain. LIke most young boys, Patrick's favourite pastime was fishing. There was nothing he enjoyed more than venturing off for a day's fishing on the banks of the local river. On cold winter evenings, Patrick's family sat by  the fire and his grandmother told stories of bygone days. The clan and their neighbours and friends sang and recited poems. At the age of sixteen, without warning, everything changed for Patrick forever. Patrick and his brother were strolling home, without a care in the world, delighted with their catch of mackerel, when they noticed a sailing ship anchored in the harbour. After admiring its colourful sails, Patrick suddenly became alarmed when he saw what looked like pirates on board."

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