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Jewels under your Feet

By Tony McNally, Gaelink

Reference: 9780956728326  

This book is a companion to Dialann Dúlra (Nature Diary) by Tony McNally, which is a very popular title. This time he focuses on different parts of nature found in Ireland.

Taken from the introduction to the book.

Éamonn Mac Thomáis, used to say that people in cities often get lost because they are always looking straight ahead and never left or right. They would only look up occassionally to see buildings or the odd statue. The advice that Tony McNally has for everyone in this book is the exact opposite. He wants us to direct our eyes downward onto the ground to see the jewels at our feet, when we are in the countryside or by the seaside.

In this lovely book that features wonderful photographs and diagrams we are given a peek into the myriad of animals that we can easily find in nature. He also recommends some simple equipment that the walker or young scientist can bring with them on their trips to get more of an understanding of the creatures that we share this little island with. - plastic bags, rubber gloves, a small penknife, pencil, paper, camera and other things that most of us have in the house already.

There are also little simple experiments that budding young scientists can try for themselves.

A lovely and educational book.

Price: €10.00