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Caitlín agus Cormac: Tabhair Leat do Leabhar

By Silvia Ortega, JC Girbés, Leabhar Breac

Reference: 9780898332674  

A board book in the series 'Ag léamh le Caitlín agus Cormac' illutrated by Silvia Ortega: We are learning about books. Caitlín and Cormac have spent the day travelling. And when the night falls, they go travelling with their books. This book reinforces concepts of reading and of the imaginary play. During the day Caitlín and Cormac travel through play, and at night they continue to travel through reading.

Other books in the Series:

Lá Mór Fada (Big Long Day)
An Phicnic (The Picnic)
An Chóisir (The Party)

Also available as a full box set


Price: €6.00