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Treaspásóir : Trespasser

By Mícheál Ó Ruairc, Arlen House

Reference: 9781851322206  

In this collection of poetry, Mícheál Ó Ruairc's sixth, he scrutinises and filters his own life in great depth. Life and poetry are inextricably linked. If poetry has a function, it must address the human condition in the cosmos. It must give pleasure and open its heart to the reader. Ó Ruairc functions as an outsider and he ploughs his own furrow. 

The poet experiences an epiphany 'at the boundary fence of a hop garden / down in Kent' ; he listens 'to the trance music / of Justine Suissa / at night' ; he feels 'like Oisín must have felt when / Niamh of the Golden Hair first laid eyes on him' in the Pilgrim & George Inn in Glastonbury; he laments his father while 'raging drunk, stumbled from room / to room in danger of splitting / my head' ; he imagines 'a posse of poets waiting patiently / on the deserted beach' for poetic inspiration to be washed up amongst the wreckage' on the edge of high water... 

This fine collection is a treasure trove of poetic gemstones. 

Price: €15.00