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Alex Hijmans

Alex Hijmans was born in Holland. He moved to Ireland when he was twenty years of age, at which point he began learning Irish. He spent twelve years in Galway, working in Irish media, before moving to Brazil, where he now works as an international correspondent.

Cois Life published five of his books, many of which deal with aspects of life in Brazil: Favela (non-fiction, 2009), Aiséirí (a novel set in Galway city, 2011), Gonta (a collection of short stories, 2012), Splancanna ó shaol eile (non-fiction, 2013) , An Tearmann (a novel, 2016) and Idir Dhá Thír (short stories, 2017). Favela and Gonta both won Oireachtas prizes. 

Alex regularly writes about his life in Brazil and about literary matters on Twitter (@alexhijmans) and on his own website at


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