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Dance Sean-Nós for Beginners DVD

By Maldon Meehan

Literally meaning 'old style', sean-nós is a solo percussive dance which has been fondly described as playful, rhythmic, inventive, musical and expressive. In recent years, influential dancers have infused new life into sean-nós dancing which is now flourishing in Ireland and enjoying growing success in dance communities around the world. 

'Dance Sean-Nós for beginners' presents the opportunity to learn Ronan's ALPHABET OF STEPS which are his basic tools of sean-nós dance. The ALPHABET OF STEPS is a step-by-step progression of the dance skills needed to become a sean-nós dancer. With each iteration of the ALPHABET OF STEPS you build new techniques while continually practicing and developing what you've learnt. The dvd is presented through individual and group workshops. 

Having perfected these skills you are then guided through the exciting nuances of STEP CREATION. Here you will learn how to creatively put the ALPHABET OF STEPS into practice and develop your own dance routine.

This DVD also contains a set of '7 steps for beginners' that Ronan has created from his ALPHABET OF STEPS, which you can learn and perform.

 "Ronan Regan represents a dynamic figure in the revitalization of the sean-nós dancing tradition. His masterful and playful interpretation of this dance form situates him prominently amongst the greatest figures of the music and dance traditions of Ireland today." - Brian Ó hAirt, Co-founder and Organizer of The Sean-nós Milwaukee Festival, UWM.  


Also included: Ronan's award-winning short film 'WHY THE IRISH DANCE THAT WAY' 

Price: €25.01