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Ar Strae
Ar Strae By Futa Fata, Patricia Forde

Nizar is a boy far from home, the war-torn land of Syria. A refugee, he lives in a converted hotel as his mother waits for news of permission to stay and news of Nizar's father, lost in the fog of war. When Nizar meets a stray neglected dog, he decides to hide it in his room, a decision that adds to...

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Scúnc agus Smúirín
Scúnc agus Smúirín By Futa Fata

Little Scúnc (Skunk) is inseparable from his soft toy friend, Smúirín (Sniffy). They go everywhere together.One of the things Scúnc most likes about Smúirín is his unmistakeable smell. Anytime Scúnc feels sad or anxious,a sniff of Smúirín makes everything ok again. Until the day that...

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Cuisle an Chósta
Cuisle an Chósta By Catherine Foley

This collection of newspaper and radio columns is suitable for adults who are learning Irish. The essays follow life in the community around an Rinn in Co. Waterford and gives an insight into the unique characteristics of life and the culture and heritage of the region. The chapters are intertwined...

Price: €14.52 | Reference: 9781906240315