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Hata Zú Mhamó
Hata Zú Mhamó By Áine Ní Ghlinn, Cois Life

Mamó has a fun and interesting hat. It's a zoo hat! It's decorated with a lemur's tail and peacocke feathers. But it's not enough to just have the hat. Mamó has a plan to escape from the nursing home and to go to the zoo wearing her zoo hat. She convinces her granddaughter Siobhán to bring her...

Price: €7.00 | Reference: 9781907494604  

Méabh Banríon na Troda
Méabh Banríon na Troda By Cló Iar-Chonnacht

Meabh was a brave and beautiful Irish queen. She commanded the fear of many men. She fought and she upset a lot of people. But she lost in the end. This series of books 'In a Nutshell' published by Poolbeg brings new life to old Irish stories. Chidlren will enjoy these books. - Stephen Myler,...

Price: €4.99 | Reference: 9781781998960  

Cleachtaí Gramadai Bunscoile
Cleachtaí Gramadaí Bunscoile By Folens

Grammar exercises in Irish for senior classes in primary school. This book is in Irish. There are five sections in the book: * The Verb* Prepositional Pronouns* Nouns* Adjectives* Additional items Simple and clear samples are given in each case. The exercises in the book do not...

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