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Béiríní Bríomhara Nua
Béiríní Bríomhara Nua By Spraoi

The original teddies available again - at last! This time, with 12 more teddies on the reverse. The originals feature 12 simple verbs. The new ones are linked to them. They help introduce further, extended conversation. 'Tá teidí ag ithe' is backed by 'Tá ocras ar theidí' Each of the 12 charts...

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Amhrán is fiche eile
Amhrán is fiche eile By Fios Feasa

The second CD in this series. This is a CD and a CD-ROM. Three well-known singers from three different Gaeltachtaí sing twenty-one favourite songs on this album. You can listen to the singers and then play the songs without the words so that you can sing along yourself. The CD also includes...

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