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Scrabble By Glór na nGael

SCRABBLE has been in demand for over fifty years. It was first sold in 1948 and is now the world's top word game. SCRABBLE has now been arranged for Irish, with the frequency and value of the letters adjusted.SCRABBLE as Gaeilge is perfect for all Irish speakers - from fluent speakers to learners....

Price: €39.99

Charades as Gaelge
Charades as Gaelge By Glór na nGael

Charades is a miming game in which team players have to act out the title of a book, a film, a song, or other well-known concept, in order to give their team mates clues so they can guess the title or other concept that they're acting out. They need to do this within three minutes. Now, there is a...

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