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Comhrá trí Ghaeilge - Cártaí Comhrá ARDLEIBHÉAL CÁRTAÍ GORMA
Comhrá trí Ghaeilge By Clever Mind Toys

BLUE CARDS - AGE GROUP 10+ (ADVANCED LEVEL)All you have to do is ask the question on the card to get the conversation going. A pack of conversation cards in Irish, which are suitable for the age group 10+. There are 56 cards in every box and each card features questions to spark...

Price: €8.00 | Reference: 0700461437215  

Irish Essays Made Easy
Irish Essays Made Easy By GraspIT

How to write the perfect Irish essay for Leaving Cert.Students will find this reference card very useful when preparing for the Irish examination in the Leaving Certificate.Decide on the type of essay. Will it be AISTE, DÍOSPÓIREACHT, or ÓRÁID? Choose a title. Make sure you fully understand...

Price: €4.50 | Reference: 978-1-908962-06-5  

Irish Verbs Made Easy
Irish Verbs Made Easy By GraspIT

Learn Irish Gaelic verbs using the unique approach on this handy reference card. Verbs are like plants! Just as a plant has a root and a flower, a verb has a root and an ending. To form a verb in Irish Gaelic we must know the root and then we must add the right ending. This easy to follow card gives...

Price: €4.50

Bí ag Scríobh
Get writing in Irish By GraspIT

Writing Irish essays just got easier. This handy reference card is broken up into sections and gives guidelines on the words and phrases needed to write the beginning, middle and end of an essay. It also features useful sentences that are adaptable to the topic any given essay.

Price: €4.50