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Tromluí By Áine Ní Ghlinn, Cois Life

Who is he? A dangerous murderer who killed his best friend? A drug addict? Or, if the newspapers reports can be believed - maybe. both?These are just some of the questions that must be answered by Eoghan Ó Broin who awakens in a mountain shack to find his memory wiped clean. With only strange...

Price: €10.00 | Reference: 9781901176957  

Gluaiseacht By Alan Titley, An Gúm

The story of a youth that begins in a part of Africa under threat of war and ends on the unwelcoming streets of northern Europe. Horror and humanity are found side by side in this take which goes to the very heart of the problem of immigration today.Click on the link below to listen to the author...

Price: €7.50 | Reference: 9781857917550  

Maitríóisce By Siobhán Parkinson, Cois Life

Mara celebrates her thirteenth birthday. But her mother gives her a present of Matrioshka dolls from Russia, more a gift for a younger girl, and even then, one of the dolls is missing.When Mara and her friend Dorota go in search of the missing doll they make some discoveries. Mara in particular...

Price: €10.00 | Reference: 9781907494161  

Scoil an Chnoic
Scoil an Chnoic By Jacqueline de Brún, An Gúm

Scoil an Chnoic is a strange old school, and quite secretive. Although the walls are covered in paintings nobody ever seems to see them, until something happens which forces people to wake up and pay attention. Jacqueline de Brún hails from Belfast. She has translated books into Irish, but this is...

Price: €8.50 | Reference: ISBN 978-1-85791 679-9