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Rinn na nGael (MP3)
Rinn na nGael (MP3) By Nioclás Tóibín, Cló Iar-Chonnacht

…for anyone who loves singing or Irish, now that this long-awaited CD is available, it’s unthinkable to be without it- Irish Music MagazineHe has a great sweetness of tone, uses rather more vibrato than is customary in traditional singing, and the paucity of decoration makes the beauty of...

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An Nóra Bheag (MP3)
An Nóra Bheag (MP3) By Seán Hernon, Cló Iar-Chonnacht

Music from yet another of the musical Hernon family from Carna in Connemara! The fluency, clarity and life in this tinwhistle music will delight traditional music fans far and wide. Also featuring on the album are renowned Connemara melodeon-player, Johnny Connolly, and one of the great Carna song...

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