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Selkie (MP3)

By Mick Conneely, Cló Iar-Chonnacht

Reference: CICD148-MP3  

This is Mick Conneely's first solo album, containing a wonderful collection of music. Mick was born in Bedford, England, to Irish parents. His father, Mick Mór Conneely - a renowned fiddler, had a profound impact on him in terms of the development of his own personal style. This is an album of excellent traditional music played in a very unique, personal style.

Conneely..surely has the spirit of the music embedded in his soul....Finesse and ferocious talent in full flight.
- The Ticket, Irish Times

An album of robust, atmospheric and exciting fiddle music of outstanding quality.
- Living Tradition

Price: €6.87

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1 Selkie (€0.97)
2 Selkie (€0.97)
3 Selkie (€0.97)
4 Selkie (€0.97)
5 Selkie (€0.97)
6 Selkie (€0.97)
7 Selkie (€0.97)
8 Selkie (€0.97)
9 Selkie (€0.97)
10 Selkie (€0.97)
11 Selkie (€0.97)
12 Selkie (€0.97)
13 Selkie (€0.97)