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A Tribute to Andy McGann

By Brian Conway, Joe Burke, Felix Dolan, Cló Iar-Chonnacht

Reference: CICD 168  

Andy McGann was born and raised in New York to Sligo parents and became one of the key figures in traditional Irish music in the US. He grew up in a community that was loyal to the Sligo-American style of music that had been established in the US a generation earlier by immigrants from Sligo including Michael Coleman and James Morrison. McGann's playing was beautifully sweet without being saccharine, deeply expressive and elegant, and it is a style than many young musicians have tried to emulate. He would eventually become the standard-bearer of the Sligo-American style made famous by Coleman and, indeed, pass the tradition on to other players including his protégé Brian Conway.

In 1965 Andy McGann together with two good friends and musicians, Joe Burke and Felix Dolan, recorded the album A Tribute to Michael Coleman. More than forty years later, on 1 April 2006 in the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago, Joe Burke, Felix Dolan and Brian Conway performed together in a concert titled ‘A Tribute to Andy McGann', honouring a great musician and friend who had passed away in 2004. It was entirely appropriate that the two musicians who had played with Andy on the landmark Coleman album should have chosen Brian Conway, Andy's protégé, to play with them on this occasion. Four tracks recorded live at that concert are included on A Tribute to Andy McGann together with several other tracks chosen to commemorate and celebrate the life of Andy McGann and to represent the Sligo-American style.

The CD booklet includes extensive notes on Andy McGann and on the three musicians on the album.

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