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Dáire Mulhern Boxman

By Dáire Mulhern

1. Southern Shores, Showman's Fancy (Hornpipes/Derrane)

2. A Redl, Jewish Polka (Klezmer & Polka)

3. Thirteen Arches, Bubbling Wine (Reels)

4. Apples In Winter, Rockin' The Boat, Duncan The Gauger (Jigs)

5. My Darling Girl From Clare, The Pride Of Petravore (Songs/Hornpipes)

6. Brian Boru's March, Napoleon Crossing The Rhine (March & Hornpipe)

7. Cherish The Ladies, The Dusty Windowsill (Jigs)

8. The Golden Eagle, The Mathematician (Hornpipes)

9. Nell Fee's, Denis Murphy's, Bill Sullivan's (Polkas)

10. Scatter The Mud, Happy To Meet Sorry To Part, Leslie's March (Melodeon Jigs)

11. The Drunken Sailor (Hornpipe)

12. Ormond Sound, The Colliers (Reels)

13. The High Level, The Western (Hornpipes)

14. Sean Mcglynn's, Tongs By The Fire (Jigs)

15. Medley Of Clogs (Clog/Hornpipe)


Once in a while a musician comes along with such a quality in their playing that you smile, knowing the future is in good hands. Once such player is Dáire Mulhern.

– Richie Dwyer

Price: €14.76