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Is Duitse a Bheirim Grá

By Síle Ní Fhlaithearta, Cló Iar-Chonnacht

Reference: CICD 181  

There is a wonderful sweetness and diversity in this jewel of fourteen songs, presented together for the first time by Síle. Sung in her native tongue, some are songs she heard by the fireside as a young girl in Baile an tSléibhe, which echo her heritage and her homeplace - songs like 'An Draighneán Donn', 'Brídín Bhéasaigh' and 'Casadh an tSúgáin', bringing the likes of Antaine Ó Domhnaill, Finín Ó Connluain and Pádhraic Ó Ciardha to mind. This collection is enriched by a store of other songs she learned after leaving home and in school, as both teacher and student and are sure to be affectionately remembered by all who call Ireland home. - Meaití Jó Shéamuis, 29 May, 2009.

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Product Reviews

Review by Siobhán Long, The Irish Times, 23 Oct, 2009

Síle Ní Fhlaithearta
Is Duitse A Bheirim Grá
Cló lar Chonnachta ***
Sweet and light, unburdened by a past laden with precedent, Síle Ní Fhlaithearta’s solo debut has taken its own time coming. And it shows. Sean nós collections are often judged by their proximity to a notional concept of “native” style.
Ní Fhlaithearta lets her voice find its own route through many of the “big” songs of the tradition ( Dónall Óg, Táimse Sínte Ar Do Thuama, An Draighneán Donn), unforced and unfettered by the past. And still, she breathes an absolute sense of purpose and place into songs embedded deep within her DNA. Judicious and unobtrusive accompaniment on harp from Síle Denvir and fiddle from Ní Fhlaithearta’s husband, Charlie Lennon, and their clan add further to the riches of this collection.
Download tracks: Is Duitse A Bheirim Grá, Bridín Bheasaigh