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Seoda na nOileán

By Marcus Hernon, Johnny Connolly

Reference: CDFS003  

A recording by Marcus Hernon and Johnny Connolly, which was recorded live in Marcus Hernon's home in Carna. Marcus Hernon's three children, Proinsias, Breandán and Labhrás are featured on some of the tracks and accompaniment is provided by Tim Edey on guitar and Brian McGrath on piano. 

There are 16 tracks on this album: 

Track 1: Reels: Last Night's Fun, Galway Rambler, New Mown Meadow

Track 2: Jigs: The Stormy Night (c. Paddy O'Brien), The Coming of Spring (c. Paddy O'Brien)

Track 3: Hornpipes: The Honeysuckle, Gan Ainm

Track 4: Reels: Mountain Road (c. Michael Gorman), Christmas Eve (c. Tommy Coen)

Track 5: Jigs: An Luthradán, (c. Junior Crehan), Flying Wheelchair (c. Charlie Lennon), Small Spotted Dog (c. Johnny McEvoy).(Proinsias, Breandán and Labhrás)

Track 6: Polkas, Gan Ainm, Night at the Fair, Neilí

Track 7: Jigs: Banks of Lough Gowna, Butcher's March, Jimmy Ward's 

Track 8: Hornpipes, Gan Ainm, Jolly Beggerman

Track 9: Reels: Love at the Ending (c. Ed Reavy), George White's Favourite

Track 10: Jigs: Connachtman's Rambles, Lark on the Strand, Cailleach an Airgid (Marcus, Johnny Proinsias, Breandán and Labhrás)

Track 11 (Reels), Gan Ainm, Drunken Landlady

Track 12: Jigs, Kevin McHugh's, Happy to Meet and Sorry to Part,

Track 13: Reels, Miss Monahan's, Tom Ward's Downfall

Track 14: Jigs Monaghan's Jig, Kesh Jig

Track 15: Reels: Brady's, Lough Mountain

Track 16: Reels, Imelda Roland's, Plough in the Stars, Bucks of Oranmore (marcus, Johnny, Proinsias, Breandán and Labhrás).

Price: €14.76